Seating Furniture

When it comes to the production of our seating furniture, there are four quality features: the formal thought of associative impulses, the individuality as an aesthetic form, the pure, thought-out functionality, and the material from the best sources for optimal comfort. All this always with the highest standards. Only then does a co-operation between man and object arise. Only then does character emerge. Only then do you know, this is first class office manufacturing by mirrors. According to your company culture.

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We unleash potential. 
High-quality materials for seating furniture await the right occasion in a large variety in our warehouse. For this, we select leather and fabrics of the highest quality or exquisite veneers. These are also used in our executive offices and conference programs. 
Whenever possible, we prefer resources from the region and rely on certified raw materials. We will integrate these with qualified experts in our plant in Nettetal. The art of our specialists is to choose the right ones and to combine them harmoniously – to a typical mirrored seating furniture.

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Farbauszug Leder Sitzmöbel

leather upholstery
Quality material

Raw materials such as these wait in great variety in our warehouse for the right opportunity, the right customer with the idea for the perfect seating furniture.
Get an insight into our varieties
royal blue
platinum gray
cream white
cherry red
and many more…
Farbauszug Furnier Detailveredelung Sitzmöbel

Exklusive Veneer
Quality material

The art of our specialists is to choose the right materials and combine them harmoniously – to a typical mirror furniture.
Here is an extract from our varieties
Light oak
Smoked oak
Beam oak
Tineo natural
American walnut
Mooreiche Titanium
Tineo stained
Tineo natur
and many more…
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    Pioneer are the driving force for the perfect staging. 
    The right architecture often affects the time and the use of a property. Personalities of renowned architectural firms with the highest standards also rely on an interior of the highest quality.

    Aebi & Vincent

    Architects, Bern, Switzerland
    Bundeshaus Bern, Schweiz
    The parliament building built in 1902, originally built by Hans Wilhelm Auer in Berne, radiates a new glow. From a distance the newly gilded domes are visible. Above all, however, the “Bundeshaus”, revitalized by the office of Aebi & Vincent Architekten, is convincing in the interior.
    They liberated the interior and retrieved the original substance; They reconstructed the color concept and thought it together with the Bernese artist Adrian Scheidegger. The furnishing of the plenary hall, conference rooms and workrooms was also not left to chance, but was based on the material concept developed by the imposing Federal Palais fédéral.
    Aebi & Vincent Architects
    Deutscher Ärzte-Verlag, Cologne
    The main administration of the Deutsches Ärzteverlages in Cologne has been completely renovated and transformed into a modern, contemporary office building. The new glass façade, staggered in two levels, ensures transparency into the hallways. The new entrance of the building presents itself as an elevated hall with an inviting canopy and a driveway that effectively connects the exterior and interior. Room for presentation space offers the newly designed lobby with open gallery and waiting area as well as the representative office and meeting rooms. With the new architecture and fitting furniture, the address of the Deutsches Ärzteverlages is significantly enhanced.
    Nicole Mronz
    August Schäfer

    Mronz + Schaefer

    Architects, Cologne

    Prof. Eckhard Gerber

    Architekten, Dortmund
    Volksbank, Krefeld
    The central, roof-glazed new hall of the Volksbank, with its building-high opening to the church, is supposed to invite people into the bank like a market square and, with its openness as a “space” in the city, make forgotten the old thresholds of earlier times. For its customers and consultants, the bank is to become an identity-creating communication space with its openness and thus attract many new customers. With a view from the modern building to the church of Dionysius the reference to the tradition and the identification with the city will be constantly present to visitors and employees.

    Prof. Eckhard Gerber