Executive Offices

The work space of executive office has changed in recent years. But also classic values ​​remain important. In both of our scenarios, we operate with our proven style security for our executive rooms. Our demands on good furniture meet here, where the decision becomes an action. For this, we have created optimal solutions with a lot of customary room for individuality at your desk.
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We unleash potentials. 
High-quality materials for seating furniture await the right occasion in a large variety in our warehouse. For this, we select leather and fabrics of the highest quality or exquisite veneers. These are also used in our conferencing and seating furniture programs.
Whenever possible, we prefer resources from the region and rely on certified raw materials. We combine them at our plant in Nettetal with our qualified professionals. The art of our specialists is in choosing the correct and consistent – a typical spiegels seating.

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exclusive furniere
first class materials

The art of our specialists is to choose the right materials and to combine them harmoniously – to a typical spiegels furniture.
Here is an extract from our varieties
Light oak
Smoked oak
Beam oak
Tineo natural
American walnut
Mooreiche Titanium
Tineo stained
Tineo natur
and many more…

leather upholstery
quality material

Raw materials such as these wait in great variety in our warehouse for the right opportunity, the right customer with the idea for the perfect seating furniture.
Get an insight into our varieties
royal blue
platinum gray
cream white
cherry red
and many more…

powder coating
for hard-wearing surfaces

Powder-coated boards are extremely durable and easy to care for. The material is pleasant and exudes a good quality. It is particularly suitable for modern meeting or training rooms and facilities with elegant timeless effect. Also materials such as NanoTec coatings, textured lacquer and melamine coated give surfaces new haptic experiences.
Colors and color shades can be selected in a variety of ways:
and many more…
Pioneer are the driving force for the perfect staging.
The right architecture often affects the time and the use of a property. Personalities of renowned architects with the highest standards also rely on an interior of the highest quality.

Prof. Eckhard Gerber

Architekten, Dortmund
Volksbank, Krefeld
The new central roof-glazed hall of the Volksbank with their high opening to the church is like a marketplace to invite people in the bank and makes openness like a “space” in the city forget old threshold fears from earlier times. For customers and consultants of the bank, their openness attracts identity-communication space and therefore many new customers. The visual connection of the modern building to the Dionysius Church therefore will be a constant presence of linking tradition and the identification with the city area for visitors and employees alike.

Prof. Eckhard Gerber

Aebi & Vincent

Architekten, Bern, Switzerland
Bundeshaus Bern, Switzerland
Originally built around 1902 by Hans Auer, the Parliament Building in Bern shines since 2008 in a new splendour. From a distance you can discern the newly gilded domes. But above all, what convinces is the now the inside of the Parliament revitalized by Office Aebi & Vincent Architects. They freed the interior, bringing the original substance out again; they reconstructed the colour concept and thought it out in collaboration with the artist Adrian Scheidegger. The facilities of the Chamber, meeting and work rooms was also not left to chance, but is based on the developed material concept of the significant major federal Palais Fédéral.

Aebi & Vincent Architects

Executive Office Deutscher Ärzte-Verlag, Cologne
The head office of the German Medical Publishing House in Cologne was redeveloped in holistic trend and designed in a modern, contemporary office building. The new glass facade staggered in 2 levels leads transparency into the corridors. The new entrance to the building presents itself as increased hall with a welcoming porch and a driveway, combining an effective exterior and interior together. Space for presentation areas is provided by the newly designed lobby with an open gallery and waiting areas as well as re­presen­tative offices and meeting rooms.

Nicole Mronz

August Schaefer

Conferencing Deutscher Ärzte-Verlag, Cologne

Mronz + Schaefer

Architekten, Cologne