We create connections
It is not enough if a chair is stable and reliable, its seat turns smoothly, its backrest fits perfectly and the armrest is comfortable. Rather, the chair must make it possible for his owner to build a relationship with him. In addition to the pure function, this also requires many other factors, including the material and its feel or the design of the furniture. In the interplay, they achieve the desired connection – and ideally they last for many years.
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The pursuit of this kind of functionality never stops, it can not. After all, each person is different, has different desires and needs. The good thing about it: it makes us unbeatable flexible. At spiegels, we have always been accustomed to thinking about every new customer from zero. In this way, together with him, we can get to the bottom of all our wishes and develop a completely free solution. Very importantly, this is a constructive, properly democratic process. Our various specialists from the areas of design and construction are responsible for developing new ideas and suggestions and ultimately creating something unique. Our intra-system is a good example.
Quality in the space emerges only,
when the furniture is thought of.
The multifunctional table system for a multifunctional time. The table shapes and sizes of the intra-system are designed according to the requirements of the customer. The system is completely maintenance- and wear-free, different foot frames are anchored without tools. Experience the conference system .intra
As a sample of a convertible conference table, our table system offers the highest degree of flexibility. A fast and tool-free change of the spatial situation is possible at any time and simply carried out.
Invisible and yet present: our multimedia
No conference without media. This is in-house: all important connections and cable ducts are invisible and are located under the sliding plates. Only when in use, the variable connection technology becomes visible and allows easy docking of mobile devices. Even new situations can be reacted quickly, soft print modules and technical flaps open elegantly and offer sufficient storage space for cables.
The primacy of the function, which the first Bauhaus theorists formulated, has always been essential to us. This does not mean that a mirror chair can not be beautiful, quite the opposite. But it is only perfect when the connection between man and furniture works with him. This is true for us.

Integrated height adjustment

Microphone technology can be extended by electric motor

Connection technology under sliding plates or technology flaps

Direct cable feed from the floor tank

Individual connection technology

Stackable chairs

Cable outlet

drawer system

Desktop .con air
Quick and easy to customize:
The height adjustment
Ergonomics is a must in working hours. Whether at the desk or in the conference room – the height adjustment is no longer indispensable. As a result, meetings are proving to be shorter and at the same time more productive. Even your own body rewards frequent position changes. For this, we made con air height-adjustable. The conversion from the desk or conference table to the modern stand table is carried out by means of an integrated push button. Experience our executive office range
Made to measure:
Your new furniture
Every customer is different, and every space as well. In order to always be able to find the optimum constellation, the table tops of unit stand freestanding on base feet. Table shapes are individually produced and matched to the number of participants and room size. In addition to the function, important features are, among other things, optimal legibility and representative charisma.
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