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In order to develop tailor-made, individual solutions for executive offices or conference rooms, it is always important to capture a variety of aspects as sensitively as precisely. We need to understand the identity of the company, the creativity of the employees, and the personalities at the management level. These three points are fixed points for us. If they are defined, we can dock with them and connect our ideas with the wishes and thoughts of the customer to something completely new.

Planning processes

The product development at home mirrors builds on a simple framework: to create solutions for optimal working atmosphere. Function, comfort and aesthetics – The perfect combination provides formal templates for our work.
Every person is different. His personality is the sum of his experiences, his desires, his needs – and that is why it is only logical that every human being has exactly the right equipment. The art is to find them. There is something for that. With know-how, intuition and inspiration, we develop passable unique pieces.
To such a solution is always synonymous for us exclusivity. After all, we do not aspire to any rooms in which any chairs are placed, but our own personal results. Whether with our interior designers or with external experts and planners – together, we create spaces that are characterized by genuine individuality. We are accustomed to special wishes and modifications, and we have the knowledge, the equipment and the inspiration to implement them perfectly.

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